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3 " I cannot wish you ...I cannot wish you good fortuneknowing that good fortune is what you are, while bad fortune is just a mistaken identityI cannot wish you all the things of earthsince earth itself is yours and that is sufficient, while all the rest will never be enoughI cannot wish you the things you want to see when much unseen is also here waiting for your denial of mind that refuses to see I cannot wish you strength or courage to conquer the troubles and tribulations of lifebecause you alone are the master of limits and imaginary linesI cannot wish you an easy and safe path in all your venturessafe and easy paths are unworthy of the worthyI cannot wish you any kind of freedom you may seeklife is the proof of freedom ; seeking is your prison ; expectations are your guardsI cannot wish you any kind of happinessheart is too blind to be content in the certainty of reality, excellence and immortality of things I cannot wish you good health the voice within asking ever provoking questions is your health ; fear that silences you is your illnessI cannot wish you anythingas long as life is about being instead of havingMaybe holiday season is just not about wishes and celebration at allmaybe, just maybe, it is just a reminder about the power of state of mindWhat else than state of mind can make things look beautiful when in fact they are uglywhat else than state of mind can make things look ugly when in fact they are beautifulLet the New Year be the year in which we choose to be the masters of the mind and not its slave. "