quote of the day

8 " Where are you going, Albert?”
Albert said nothing. How rare, Quinn thought: Albert speechless.
“Not really your concern, Quinn,” Albert said finally.
“You’re running out.”
Albert sighed. To his three companions he said, “Go ahead and get in the boat. The Boston Whaler. Yes, that one.” Turning back to Quinn he said, “It’s been good doing business with you. If you want, you can come with us. We have room for one more. You’re a good guy.”
“And my crews?”
“Limited resources, Quinn.”
Quinn laughed a little. “You’re a piece of work, aren’t you, Albert?”
Albert didn’t seem bothered. “I’m a businessman. It’s about making a profit and surviving. It so happens that I’ve kept everyone alive for months. So I guess I’m sorry if you don’t like me, Quinn, but what’s coming next isn’t about business. What’s coming next is craziness. We’re going back to the days of starvation. But in the dark this time. Craziness. Madness.”
His eyes glinted when he said that last word. Quinn saw the fear there. Madness. Yes, that would terrify the eternally rational businessman.
“All that happens if I stay,” Albert continued, “is that someone decides to kill me. I’ve already come too close to being dead once.”
“Albert, you’re a leader. You’re an organizer. We’re going to need that.”
Albert waved an impatient hand and glanced over to see that the Boston Whaler was ready. “Caine’s a leader. Sam’s a leader. Me?” Albert considered it for a second and shook the idea off. “No. I’m important, but I’m not a leader. Tell you what, though, Quinn: in my absence you speak for me. If that helps, good for you.”
Albert climbed down into the Boston Whaler. Pug started the engine and Leslie-Ann cast off the ropes. Some of the last gasoline in Perdido Beach sent the boat chugging out of the marina.
“Hey, Quinn!” Albert shouted back. “Don’t come to the island without showing a white flag. I don’t want to blow you up! "

Michael Grant , Fear (Gone, #5)